Work Packages

The project is conducted in four work packages with following objectives:

WP1: Survey of best practice in Global adjuvant R&D and database construction

The objectives are preparation and distribution of a questionnaire to stakeholders, surveying of publicly-available information on adjuvant testing and validity of preclinical data, collection of data from the survey, analysis of data and selection of lead protocols.
Work Package Leader: WHO

WP2: Evaluation of lead protocols by collaboration with TRANSVAC adjuvant development platform and immunology assessment platform

The lead protocols will be evaluated in vivo through collaboration with TRANSVAC. This will generate data to permit coherent comparison of protocols. The results will then be reviewed to permit selection of one defined protocol which will be validated in WP3.
Work Package Leader: BPRC

WP3: Dissemination of the survey results

Dissemination of these agreed tests should be done through the organisation of a workshop, via the EVI and WHO internet websites and through specialised publications and conferences.
Work Package Leader: WHO

WP4: Management

Management of the project should ensure coordination, objectives completion, availability of deliverables, calendar compliance, reporting to the EC and efficient use of resources.
Work Package Leader: EVI