PHARVAT is a European Commission (EC) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) funded project aiming to generate a harmonised procedure to permit pre-clinical selection of vaccine adjuvants. The project is running for a two year period and was initiated in November 2009 with an overall budget of € 300 000.


03 November 2014

SEmalvac consortium call for the monitoring of a phase I clinical trial

This call is for a suitable independent Clinical Research Assistant (CRA) or a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) for the monitoring of a phase I clinical in CNRFP, Burkina Faso.

24 October 2014

EVI support leads to scientific breakthrough

A letter was published in Nature on 17 August fully acknowledging EVI and the InnoMalVac project.  Access to the structure is now paving the way forward to design improved vaccines against RH5, as well as the other RH malaria proteins.

20 August 2014

Fighting malaria in Africa

Watch the video and learn how EVI's MVVC project together with African partners is fighting malaria.